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Full Range of Optometric Services

At Nehs Family Vision Center, our health care professionals and doctors offer professional customer service on a personal level.


Comprehensive Eye Examination

Beyond vision screening, a comprehensive eye exam assesses eye health, checks for diseases, and indicates overall health. It's particularly recommended annually for those over 40, or with diabetes, or a history of eye issues.


Ocular Disease Management

At Nehs Family Vision Center, we prioritize preserving eye health and preventing serious disorders like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Dry Eye Syndrome. Our doctors carefully explain findings and treatments, working with you to devise the best eye care plan.


Visual Efficiency for Computer Users

Extended screen time can lead to digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, with symptoms like eye fatigue, dryness, headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, and sleep issues. Regular breaks can help, but customized computer glasses might provide greater comfort. Consider photochromic or tinted lenses to reduce blue light exposure. Discuss these options at your next exam.


Pediatric Eye Exams

Experts assert that 80% of learning is visual, making clear vision crucial for child development. It's recommended that children's eyes be checked by a doctor at 6 months, age 3, and annually during school years to ensure normal growth and learning.


LASIK Co-Management

LASIK, a quick and nearly painless vision correction surgery, treats myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Ideal for those 18+ with stable, healthy eyes, it offers rapid recovery. Nehs Family Vision Center provides comprehensive pre and post-LASIK care in partnership with a local ophthalmologist.


On-Site Lab

Our on-site lab at Nehs Family Vision Center ensures accurate, quick fabrication of high-quality prescription eyewear and prompt glasses repair. Some prescriptions can be ready in a day! We can also fit new lenses into your current frame while you wait. Certified optician Steve Nehs's expertise in eyewear repair and fabrication guarantees top-notch service.


Eye Emergencies

Optometrists can handle most eye emergencies, often more efficiently than emergency rooms. Our office is always ready to provide services for eye infections, injuries, allergies, and other urgencies. Please contact us immediately for any eye emergency.


Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses provide versatile vision correction and lifestyle flexibility. Our comprehensive exams ensure a proper, comfortable fit and teach lens safety and hygiene. We offer a variety of lenses including disposable, gas permeable, bifocal, monovision, and color contacts.


Frame Styling for Every Lifestyle

At Nehs Family Vision Center, we provide the latest eyewear trends in various styles and price ranges, including sunglasses, sport-specific glasses, and more. Our expert opticians help you choose the right frame color, shape, or brand, explain lens impacts, and ensure a perfect, comfortable fit. We accept both new patients and outside prescriptions for eyewear selection.

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